Friday, September 21, 2007


Me worry? Come on I'm a Red Sox fan. You know how that goes, even with my team up 14 1/2 games in April I was concerned. Why? Because if you haven't read my blog I'm a sports maschist..

I root for the Red Sox, the New Orleans Saints (hometown) and I'm a known Notre Dame football supporter. So there you have it in a nutshell. A fan with little regard for their health or well-being because they cheer for teams that take you to the edge of insanity and nervous breaksdowns.

My buddy called me on Monday morning this past week to see if I was still alive after what I would call one of the worst sporting weekends of my life. Let's see, the Red Sox got beat 2 out 3 at home against the Evil Empire (Stankees), then my Domers got bushwacked in a rivalry game against Meechigan (team had more penalties yards than offensive yards), and finally in a divisional game against the lowly Yuckaneeers my beloved Saints fell flat on the face and rear to drop to oh-and-2 on the season.

Forget ND and the Saints for now because I will have all fall and winter to complain about them, let's move onto what is driving me crazy -- Red Sox baseball.

Not only is the talent in the bullpen got me worried with Gagne throwing all over the plate like Mitch "wild thing" Williams out there, but our most dominant closer - Papelbon-fire, has blown two games recently. What's worse is the fact that Manager Tito Francona is running the team into the ground like a freakin employee on their last day on the job. We've got pitchers with dead arm, no arm and loose arm. The only hope I have is that my team will back into the playoffs sort of similar to those Cardinals last year, then get hot and win it all.

Well I better wish in one hand and crap in the other since it doesn't look promising. Manny has once again gone MIA at the end of the season (either at a car show or on a Ziggy Marley concert), the rest of our lineup minus Papi and Lowell has also gone MIA. They just can't score. It's like there Josh Hartnett in 40 days and 40 nights, they want to score, but they're trying to test their will power.

I blame Dane Cook too. Ever since he sold out and did those actober baseball promos especially the one calling out the Red Sox 2004 team and comparing them to 2007 has the team gone in reverse. There's only one october, Dane and you just blew it for my Red Sox. Thanks a bunch, now GFY.

Alright, I'm done for now. The Skanks are breathing down our necks, let's home that Beckett can right the ship for us this weekend. Go Red Sox!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Open letter to Coach Payton and Coach Gibbs

Watched my beloved Saints take a heart wrenching pounding on Sunday that was reminiscent of years gone past.
I've noticed a trend with the Saints which dates back to 2001 season.
Our defense or lack there of has progressively slid down a slippery slope of regression each year. Sort of like the Buffalo Bills.
Once I remember our linebackers being a fearsome group that ate running backs up and chased quarterbacks for thier lives.
Now all I see is play action passes down the middle of the field with linebackers in hot pursuit, and quarterbacks having all the time in the day to make their progressions and find the guy who's wide open.
I'm not saying it's free agency nor the draft. It's an attitude. An instictive feel that you get when you see the look on a players face before the snap.
Every team has issues, but to conceivably know that your defense is lacking and to not replace it with something that is better is unforgivable.
So I leave with this plea. Gary Gibbs, we need you more than ever to figure out a way to instill that aggressive, fly-to-the-ball, no fear, jaw-rattling attitude back into our defense.
Please do it soon, because I don't think I can withstand watching teams lick their chops each week saying here come the Saints, let's pad our stats.

That's was the old Saints, and we have a new team with a new attitude. (hopefully)