Monday, July 23, 2007

New Changes

It's been a long while since I last posted. And a lot has happened.
Went on a family vacation the reminded me of The Great Outdoors. Big Bear, California was beautiful and it was awesome seeing the whole family together. Even though the families don't see much of each other, we do get along pretty good for Southerners and West Coasters.

The biggest thing has been the purchase of our new home. We literally moved about a mile from our old place in Austin. We continue to live in the southside, and love being here.
It's been raining around here like I lived on the island in Lost. The rain has been very unseasonal for these parts, but what I like most is that the temperatures haven't gotten about 95 here. That's extreme. The new digs is awesome. Had my father, my brother, and even my mother-in-law come and help us with some additional help from my wife's cousin.

It feels good to be in our own home, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve the house. Not that it needs to be fixed up much, just that we enjoy having something we can do.

Work has been work. Nothing out of the normal. Still working the overnight shift which has been taking it's toll on me. There are too many people I know that enjoy those hours. It's very hard to get accustomed to the weekend switches, but I get to spend every evening with my wife so I can't complain. Television news is a different beast for me and I am constantly learning new ways of doing things everyday. I spent most of my life surrounding and enveloped in the world of sports and continue that love, but for now the bread and butter comes from news. I am waiting for the road to open up a little more and show me some new paths. It won't take much to convince me now that there are other challenges out there for me. So I break for now, and promise I will be back. Football season is right around and my blog will turn into an all Saints, Notre Dame blogfest. Still for now, I'm enjoy my Red Sox seven game lead (praying) and welcoming back Jonnie Lestahhhhhhh!