Thursday, April 17, 2008

The NFL is a bunch of WANKERS!!

Taking a home game away from the ciy of New Orleans and it's fans is about as big of a punch in the gut as the Army Corps of Engineers Flood Protection Program. It's all nice and sounds great, but the payoff hurts those that need it most.

The NFL screwed with my boys two years ago when they decided to give my beleagured Saints team a home game after Katrina had wreck the city we love in New Jersey. That's approximately 1162 miles from the Dome. Way to keep close so our fans could go support our team. That's not to say the NFL hasn't done much more the city. Let's see they decided to pass on the Super Bowl here in 2009 and 2010. Instead they are going to Miami and Tampa Bay. Come on. Who needs the game more? Tampa or New Orleans? A New Orleans Street Car Operator could answer that one.

So, this year instead of having 8 beautiful home games in our city. We get 7, and a fistful of codswallop.

All the NFL had to do is take away the home game from the Chargers and award the Saints with 8 home games. Lord knows we need all the games we can get in the city. Not too mention the money it generates. I don't mind the Saints playing in London. By all means, go promote the game to a bunch of British nancy boys that don't fancy the game of football like us Americans.

Yeah, that makes sense. I guess at least I can watch the game here in the states, unless it's on the NFL Network...Bugger!!!