Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deuce is set Loose

One of my favorite Saints players of all time was released today by my beloved team, Deuce McAllister. A casualty of the salary cap and an coach infatuated with speed instead of old fashion football.

Hey, I understand the business of football. They're trying to win football games. Still it hurts to lose a true Saint. I mean that in every word. They guy gave back to the community without being asked. Most players are required or told by team officials to do community work in order to boost their image and fulfill requirements by NFL for community involvement. Deuce was always out there giving to kids and helping others without a camera in his face or a microphone nearby to publicize his charity work.

The guy was a beast on the field. He was the guy you wanted to have the ball on 4th and one. The last few years have been difficult to watch. Even watching him break the Saints all-time rushing TD record was tearful. I wish he could remain a Saint forever, and he will in most Saints fan's hearts. I can tell you this, there was no one and I mean no one, who could get the Superdome rockin' than Deuce busting loose for a big run. That sweet sound of DEEEEEUUUUUUCCCCEEEE!!!

Deuce has more important work to do in his life. So best of luck with your new team. I'm gonna miss you running out of the tunnel with that black and gold #26 on your back and me screaming Deuce. Keep on rumbling and falling head first for that extra yard. And I can't wait for the day to say "it's about time", when they retire his jersey among Manning's in the Dome.