Friday, August 24, 2007

Looking good

So the Saints scalped some Chiefs Thursday night, and in the process sured up some question marks.

Our D-line is going to be in your face from the minute yours QB snaps the ball. Will Smith and Charles Grants are teaming up to be a formidable combo.

Someone in our secondary can actually catch.
I saw it for the first time in, jeez, I can't remember how long.
Jason Craft jumped in front of a pass that looked like Steve Walsh throwing a 10 yard out.

David Patten and Lance Moore will replace "Crap I shouldn't have signed with these losers" Joe Horn, and the beer man.
Lance Moore has hands that catches everything in sight, like a 12 year old at Endymion.

Drew Brees looks like as if he's in mid season form at week 3 of preseason. Look out...This could be an MVP year for him.

Quick observations from last night's meaningless game. Still it's always fun to watch our team play dominant football even if it's against the lowly Chiefs.

The turk is coming soon for some guys. Think Freddie Tom Thom may have seen his last days in black and gold. Too bad, he had so much going for him sort of like Toi Cooked... I mean Cook. Were's Gene Atkins when you need him.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Worries Part Deux

So, my Saints looked a heck'uv a lot better against the Bills last Friday, but then who wouldn't look good compared to a team that has been circling the wagons since "Laces out" Scott Norwood push one right in the SuperBowl.

Brees spread it around, the defense looked like they were playing cohesively. All in all a performance that gave many distraught Saints fans something to look forward too.

Now, as we start to inch closer to the beginning of the season, I become more frustrated that a New Olreans City Council Member at an ethics seminar. Everyone and there mother is picking our boys to win the South, and right they should. Still, there's no need to shout it from the rooftops like some mayor screaming about a city that has returned to normalcy (it must be the humidity getting to him). From ESPN to Fox Sports, so called "experts" are proclaiming their allegiance to my hometown heroes. Just a year ago, no one wanted to touch them if they were David Vitter's (you know what)... Let's give the Saints respect they proclaim. Where was that respect last year until we beat Philly in the playoffs. The Saints have been for real, and I wish this pundits would just let us remain who we remain to be until we win a Super Bowl. An underdog!!!!

I was encouraged to see that Fujita has taken up the resident dare-devil status that Steve Gleason vacated when he got hurt this season, by torpedoing down a waterslide just to say the defense slide further than the offense. Great stuff. Now all we need is our pro bowl left tackle doing belly flops of a high dive to rival the defense's accomplishments.

Once again, I failed to mention the black sheep of the defense and move towards thinking positive thoughts for our upcoming season. And I was just thinking what if the Saints had invested in the Road Home Program to help them rebuild the dome, where would we be watching our beloved team play??? Tad Gormely? An empty Tiger Stadium? A parking lot on Poydras? Anywhere would be great to see the Saints because like I said they're my team through and through.

Friday, August 10, 2007

No Worries....

I guess you could say I was happy to see my beloved Saints on television the previous week playing in the Hall of Fame Game.

But then again it's like jv game and then leaving before the big varsity game. It doesn't really matter, and you just can't wait for the games to start mattering.

There was alot of ballyhooing about the Saints porous defense, the inept offense, and more importantly the lack of physicality the team showed on the field. I don't put much into it. I'm not going to make excuses, but the Saints do play 5 count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 games that could count for diddlypoo (thanks Mora). But their lack of effort was a bit of concern too me, although I think Payton will have them ready for the beginning of the season.

It dawned on me the other day, the Payton may just rubbing his nose at the NFL for holding back and playing vanilla for the exhibition game. For it was the league that threw them an extra preseason game, when the Saints really don't need one. Four is two games too many to be honest.

So, the pluses I saw from the game.
I think there is going to be a fierce battle for the number 2 QB spot on the team. Jaime Martin's days are numbered I feel. Jason Fife showed some life. I just hope the Saints can find someone who can step in, just in case the inevitable happens, like Jeff (Give me another martini) Garcia. I remember the good ole days when I would sit and talk incessantly about the future Saints quarterbacks with my father and arguing that Mike Buck had such a strong arm from throwing potatoes around.

The only other bright spot looks to be that Reggie will be trying to run in between the tackles more. That's a good thing because averaging 3.6 yards per carry isn't going to scare many defenses. Well, circle the wagons because the Buffalo Bills are coming into town tonight.
Let's go Saints.

Yeah, I know... I made it through the entire post without mentioning Fred Thomas. Breathe... Deep breaths. Okay... I think I'm going to be alright.