Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why is 25 better than 5?

It's all just numbers, right? No, not really. Too many it's more than just a number it's a way of life. I really hate it when people use that term so incessantly.

What's all the commotion if Reggie Bush, the future running back for my New Orleans Saints, wants to have number 5 over 25. I mean wide recievers as old and slow as Keyshawn Johnson changed their numbers to something other that the typical eighties numerial. To put it bluntly, I think that the number 25 is a great number for Reggie and let me tell you 25 reasons why.

25. He will get this many touches per game, which will definitely make our offense more dangerous.

24. He's the next Jack Sparrow or Burroughs. Whatever Kiether Sutherland's character name is on the show "24". Neither one of them can be caught, their so elusive. They keep going and going. It's amazing no one has ended that show yet.

23. That's M.J. status. Not their just yet, but he's on his way. I will be a "Witness" just like those in Cleveland.

22. Double duece. Almost like Road House meets the NFL. Reggie will be kicking ass all over the NFC South. Watch out for him in Atlanta, were the turf is faster than a refill of coffee at the Waffle House.

21. Number of points he will put up on the board for us by week 2, barring pat.

20. That's what he's gonna ask for in guarantee money. That's in the millions by the way.

19. No one wants to be this number...Just look what's down for Keyshawn's career.

18. No Saint ever wearing the number 18 did any good for us. Don't even go there with Dave Wilson.

17-10 Had to condense somewhat here. The number of ankles he will break during his rookie season.

9. This is the number of victories he will help the Saints win next year.

8. Not to bash Archie. But you don't want to be Archie Manning, he got beat down like a pinta at a blind man's party when he played for the Saints.

7. Different directions he can change while running with the ball.

6. That's all he sees when he touches the ball.

5. This will be his number next season.

4. Number of quarters it will be painstakingly hard to keep from watching him.

3. That number is reserved for coonass' from Boutte. Cajun Canon. Loved him and hated him. Loved him when he got us to the playoffs, then hated him as he lost everyone of those playoff games. How could he have thrown 3 int's against the Eagles in that playoff game?

2. The number he was picked at... The number he will replace and make everyone in New Orleans forget who was #2 for the Saints last year.

1. The number one reason the #25 will be better than #5 for Reggie Bush. Just think collector's item because after this season he will win his petition to get number 5, and then everyone will rush out to buy a #5 jersey. 20 years from now, people will be trying to buy Bush #25 jerseys to wear as a throwback.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hickory Huskers vs. Los Angeles Clippers

The remote just happened to stop on the channel. I couldn't make it go up or down. It's just one of those movies that once you stop on it you have to watch it all the way through. The movie I'm talking about is Hoosiers.

Soon after the movie was over, I turned on the Clippers/ Suns playoff - Game 5. That's when it all became clear to me. The Clippers are the Hickory Huskers.

First off, you have this team in rural Indiana that no one knows about and cares less about much like the Clippers in Los Angeles. A new coach comes into town, much older than the previous one with a new bound spirit to instill fundamentals to this team. Well Mike Dunleavy is no Norman Dale a.k.a. Gene Hackman, but he fits the bill for our comparison sake.

Hickory never made it to the finals and was a decent team without Jimmy Chitwood, but it wasn't until Jimmy told the whole town that if he plays coach stays. Sam Cassell is our Jimmy Chitwood. He bought into the coach's philosophy and has lead the team on a revival unmatched by Clipper teams before. They both have the desire to want the ball at the end of the game, remember when Cassell was with the Rockets. Plus, Jimmy's hair all slicked back during the game is as funny as Cassell's odd shaped melon bounding up and down the court like a booblehead.

Now here's were it gets really coincedental. Ollie, the manager/ player who shoots Grannie style freethrows, is a valuable asset to the team much like Vin Baker. He's there for "emotional support", not to play a second in any game. Barbara Hershey's character in the movie is this down home teacher that doesn't care for basketball because she has seen it ruin many of boys in the town. Her character is similar to Donald Sterling. He shows little interest until they start winning, then you can't get enough of him on the courtside cheering just like Barbara's character once the team starts winning. She wants all the publicity she can handle in that small town so she hooks up with Norman Dale. Sterling is hooking up with every celebrity he can get to come to Staples and watch the Clippers play.

Elgin Baylor is Shooter (Dennis Hooper)in real life. I'm not saying he has a drinking problem, but I'm saying that the two both has this great knowledge of the game that is clouded by some handicapp. For Hooper it's alcohol, and for Elgin it's a tight payroll that has seen some good players come and go.

I really like the fact that now when I watch the Clippers I see Sam Cassell bringing the ball up calling for the picket fence. Can anyone explain to me why Gene Hackman had a black bill folder during games that looked like it contained some Henry Wrinkler type of plays, but the only play he ever called was the picket fence. They need to run that one a little more in the NBA.

"Don't get caught watching the paint dry." - Shooter

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Saint in Texas

It's definitely been a while since I blogged. Probably has to do with the big move from San Diego to Austin. Now that I have relocated and got my bearings I have to say it's been a big adjustment living under the Star.

Not only is everything big around here, but so is there understanding of what makes the world go around. Sports to me has a unique quality that meshes us all together.

This past week was a great one to be a Saint. That is a Saints fan. Throughout my tumultulous time being a Saints fan, there have been exactly three moments that made me proud to be a Saints fan.

Number 1. Az Hakim drops the ball during a 4th quarter punt in 2001 wild card playoff win against the defending NFL champs St. Louis Rams. Saints win first ever playoff victory.

Number 2. 1987 season, the first winning season in franchise history. I can't really recall any game that made an impact, but I do remember them finally beating the 49ers with Bill Walsh to win the NFC West division.

Number 3. 2006 NFL Draft. With the second pick in the NFL draft the New Orleans Saints select Reggie Bush. Not only does this dwarf the Ricky draft, but it brings so much hope to a beleagured franchise. I will no longer be upset when the Saints lose by 20 because it means I get to see Reggie on the field. I am not prophetic by any sense, but this is going to be good for the Saints.

Amongst all the Cowboy and Texan talk going around this town, I have to hold steady and fast to my once maligned franchise and be the Saint when it comes to football.