Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas, The Saints and Those Darn Yankees

So, I'm getting ready for the holidays. I've got the family in town, mother-in-law and brother-in-law staying with us, plus mom and pops coming over for a big Christmas dinner. It's nice having family in town for the holidays, and I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with them and make some new holiday memories.

That being said, I'm ready for the new year. It's been a long and tough year. I'm not gonna go into detail about all of my troubles and woes, let's just say next to Katrina this year ranks a close second. So, when I think of all the cool presents and gifts that are under my tree this year, all I really want is some positive things to happen for me and my family in 2009.

So, bring on the New Year's Baby "Joba Chamberlain" down from that pole in New York, and let's kick off 2009 with some upbeat positive news and outlook.

I'm planning on bury all my harsh negativism for my beloved Saints. Yeah, they built me up and stomped on my heart like a high school girl on prom night. Still, I love them. They're my team through thick and thin. And the last 30-something years have been really thin. I feel like a Cubs fan on a slim-fast diet. I've been given the keys to a franchise that I want to win a championship more than anything else, only to be driven into mediocrity by bone-headed moves that a common fan (like myself and my brothers) could obviously fix. Sometimes, I sit around and play general manager like George Castanza, planning trades and draft picks as if I really have a say in the matter, but in reality what I say has little impact on the Saints although they have major impact on my life. There are numerous Mondays I can recall where it seems as my girlfriend broke up with me or my dog died, I call this letdown Mondays. No more, that all ends in 2009.

As for my second beloved team, the Boston Red Sox. I love the fact that Yanks have gone on a spending spree, like Donald Trump after a divorce settlement. This is just a phase. They will spend and spend some more to make headlines and fans come to their new ungodly stadium, but the product won't be much better. Too much pressure and no chemistry. The Yanks have to get rid of A-rod if they ever want to win, but that won't happen. My Red Sox are building up their rotation, their lineup still has some holes, but that's nothing we can't work out through our minor league system. Even our owner, John Henry, said it best when he said we've tried to close the spending gap between the Yankees, but with a new stadium generating tons of new revenue. They have widen the gap and now we must use our resources to make us a better team. Don't worry, we have Theo and I know he will make some moves that will bolster our lineup.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone and a joyous and positive New Years.