Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dog Days of August just got worse

My life would be better served right now if I was gainfully employed, but than again I can say that the Summer of Ryan has been specatular. Which brings me to my most recent state of fanatical behavior. The Red Sox.

Yup. That's my team. Loved me growing up and even more since I visited the ballpark several times a couple years back. This love of the team has grown intense. Almost to the point that it has superseeded my passion for the Saints. That's a tough one to take. But if you look at this way, the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 while the Saints have failed to make it to the playoffs since 2001. Of course my vested interest will always lie with my home team, but forgive as I rant about the team that I so desperately love second.

Now that the season is over like Clay Dirks' musical career combined with Brittney's innocent girl image I have had time to defuse myself after a total and utter collaspe against Satan himself; i.e. The Yankees. It seems to me that the Red Sox have filled their excuse department with overblown statements like: "we can't afford that guy," or "we're committed to the youth movement." It's almost like hearing the federal government blame the Army Corps of Monkeys for building faulty levees after they re-hired them to rebuild those same freakin' levees. Were does the money go? That's what I keep asking myself as I see a national franchise like the Red Sox, who have fans scattered throughout the U.S. like hurricane evacuees. Not too mention they have their own television station (NESN) which brings in millions of revenue, the most expensive tickets in baseball (85-100 bucks for Green Monster tickets), and a billionaire owner who is dedicated towards winning. Obviously not enough... We'll get to that later. So where is the money going not out on the field as the Red Sox have converted towards a youth movement in the middle of a damn pennant race.

This is a team that has 2 starting pitchers under 25 and a bullpen that is scattered with 3 more that are 24 and under. So why is that if the Sox's are so dedicated to these young kids that we have a 43 year old setup man with a rubbermaid arm, a 41 year old left handed fat man that has more downside than bellyside, and a 45 year old knuckle baller who spent the better part of the last five years throwing until his arm fell off. Contradicting? Quite the opposite, the Red Sox have been in the holding pattern for more than two years where they have wasted money and time on washed up pitchers instead of resigning guys who brought us to the promise land. I've given up on this season much to the chagrin of other Red Sox fans who are dillusional at best about making the post-season. My only hope lies in the fact that the Boy Wonder doesn't sit on his hands this off season and spends some of that hard earned money to get some players that can contribute now and not in 3 or 4 years. Let's not waste Manny, Papi, and Schilling on a youth movement when we could be adding another banner out there in right field.


At 1:54 PM, Blogger dillyberto said...

It's not over yet.

Any Boston fan has patience.


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